Happy New Year 2011

Have you made your New Year resolution yet?

I have not! I have stopped making resolutions. It never did work for me beyond a day or week. Rarely did my resolution last a month.

There is just one resolution in my life now. This my resolution – “To make it to the heavenward call of God in Christ Jesus”.

Paul talks about this resolution in Philippians 3:13,14. This is the goal to live for, to press on towards. We have not yet achieved this. But it is the achievement we must aim for!

Verse 12 tells us that this is the reason why Jesus took hold of us. So that we can take hold of him. To take hold of the heavenward calling.

This calling requires us not to boast in our achievements or our position. Rather we must reach out to Him and become like him as He is our model.

Let us make but one resolution this year on – “To make it to the heavenward calling of God in Christ Jesus“.

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