The Advancement of the Gospel

Paul writes that his imprisonment served to advance the gospel in Philippians 1:12-18.

How many of us look down on unfavorable situations? How many of us think that God has forsaken us when situations are unfavorable towards us.

A sincere Christian presses on for the advancement of the gospel. No matter where, no matter how hard, no matter what the cost, a Christian ought to strive to advance the gospel.

We must proclaim Christ in all situations to everyone so that some may be saved.

The second observation one makes in this passage is that Paul is joyful in difficult situations. This is like an oxymoron. But he makes a choice to rejoice.

A Christian ought to chose to rejoice in God and in the proclamation of Christ. We must be glad whenever Christ is preached. Even if Christ is preached out of envy and rivalry.

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