The Focus is on Him

Worship is an attitude. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship is what we have been created for. Worship is what we ought to do, NOT because it is our duty but it should spring out of our love for the LORD. It is our response to HIM. Worship is our reaction to who GOD is and what he has done. Worship is the essence of our relationship with GOD. Worship is the ultimate purpose of our life.

We worship GOD NOT primarily because we need to or are commanded to, NOT because it makes us feel good or relieved of stress and tension, NOT because we have been trained to do so since out childhood as something we do in church. WE WORSHIP GOD BECAUSE HE IS WORTHY AND BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT.

ā€œIā€ is never the focal point in worship, the team on stage is never the focal point in worship, the worship leader is never the focal point in worship, music is never the focal point in worship, there is ONE and ONLY ONE focus in worship and that is GOD. Worship is all about HIM. Who HE is. The focus is on HIM and not at all on me. All glory, honor, power and praise belong to HIM and HIM alone.
There is no specific time for worshiping the LORD. All heaven is ever worshiping HIM. We ought to live our lives worshiping HIM all the time and in all that we do. Anytime is worship time.
Let us worship the LORD with all our heart and give HIM the glory that is due HIM.

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