When growth stops, decay begins

God has created such wonderful life forms – plants, animals and man the supreme creation. Each type of creation is distinct. Yet, one thing is true about all kinds – when growth stops, decay begins.

We see that in every day life. We grow from infancy to toddlers to young children to adolescents to youth to adults. Then suddenly we stop growing. Slowly decay creeps in. We are no longer as fast, strong or competent. We become targets for diseases and malfunctions.

While this is true about our bodies, it is also true about our minds. When we stop learning and using our minds, we lose the abilities to think and rationalize.

In order to slow down or delay decay we must exercise/train. We must exercise our bodies, we must exercise our minds. They must be trained so that they can still perform and delay decay.

The bible tells us that bodily training does have its benefits, but spiritual training is far more valuable. Spiritual training/exercise/disciplines helps us not only in our present life but in the life to come.

We need to train ourselves to spiritual discipline. Some of these include: Bible study, Prayer, Worship, Gathering and Accountability.

Studying the bible is of high importance as it is the revelation of God given to us by God himself. When we better understand God we are able to pray and worship him better. Our goal in godliness is to bring glory and praise to the name of God. The more we know him, the more we realize that he is worth of our worship. The more we understand him, the more we realize our need to pray.

A careful study of the bible shows us that we who are purchased by Christ are one body. We realize that we are part of His church. This realization causes us to practice our faith in a local church set up. Here we enjoy gathering and are accountable to one another for our character and walk.

We must grow in these. When growth stops, decay begins.

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