Why you need Jesus

The real true God created mankind. He created mankind in his own image. Man was to reflect the goodness and holiness of God. Man was created to rule over earth with this God given authority and thus bring glory to God.

However, Man sinned against God. Sinning is doing something that is against the person and will of God. God hates sin! In God’s standard a sinner must die and pay by his blood. The person in this world that you think is a good person is also a sinner in front of God. He demands perfection not goodness.

God’s anger against sin will take every person to hell – to eternal torment and destruction.

But God is a God of love too. God loved man so much that he sent his only son – Jesus into this world as a man. Jesus lived on this world without sinning. He was perfect in every way. His life was exemplary. He had come with a mission to this planet of ours. He came to die for us. Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for sin. Jesus’ blood paid for the sin of all mankind. He died that we might be set free from the power of sin and destruction.

He died, but that was not his end! On the third day he rose again! His resurrection is the biggest proof of him being the savior to this world. He rose to be our Lord and Savior.

Jesus is no fiction. He really existed on earth. The calender system we all use prove it – Before Christ and Anno Domini [which means “in the year of the Lord”].

Jesus is the only way to God. His death has paid the price for our sin. We must repent and turn back to God. We must repent of our sin, our evil ways, we must turn back from false religion, deceitfulness, hypocrisy. We must all turn back to the one true God. You need it!

God has promised eternal life with him to all who believe in the work of Jesus. This is grace. It is free. You only need to believe that God sent his son who died for us. You don’t need to do anything – absolutely nothing in order to merit God. No need for sacrifices, pilgrimages,  tapasya [asceticism] etc.

This is what God is calling you to. He extends his invitation to you. This is the good news concerning Jesus Christ! There is acceptance only through Jesus.

If you were to die in the next 10 minutes – where would you be? Would you be standing before God as his child or would you be tormented in hell?

I pray that everyone of you who reads this mail would sense your need for a savior and would realize the urgency of the message.

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