Will bring it to completion

Philippians 1:6 talks about Gods ability to bring to completion the work that he began in us. Paul writes this sentence with confidence. Paul has placed his full confidence in God concerning this truth. I thank God that he is the inspiration behind the words that Paul wrote. This means that God knows and wants us to be confident. It is true! He is able to bring to completion the work that he began in us.

Do we have this confidence? We must have it.

Confidence and assurance are important to the saints. We must be confident in God and assured of his keeping power. Only then can we truly rejoice in him.

The work that God began in us is the work of sanctification. It started with our justification. It is completed in our glorification on the day of Jesus Christ.

Sanctification for us isĀ  to work out with fear and trembling. We must ask ourselves these questions: Do I love God more today than I did yesterday? Have I understood him better today than I did before? Do I prefer to honor and obey him over being self seeking and disobedient?

Sanctification is also God being able to keep us even though we in our imperfection cannot meet up to his holy standards.

Let us be confident in our wonderful Father who is able to keep us and protect us.

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