You need to rise up!

I have been wondering about what the world will come to in the next 20 to 25 years. Yes we see strides in technology and medicine. We see every day newer parts of the universe that till today had never been known to man. We see the rise of intellect and intelligence. No doubt that in the next 25 years the world will be a totally different place. A place that we may have never even thought of in our wildest imaginations.
The generation before us has given us a lot. But soon it will be us and they will be gone. The world will be in our hands. We will be the people running it and preparing it for the generation to come after us. We will be the thinkers, engineers, ideators, and people who bring thoughts and plans to reality. It will be people like us who will be leaders of nations, make laws etc. It is us who will carry on from what we have learned to teach those who came after us. The preservation of our culture, creeds and beliefs will rest on our shoulders to be faithfully passed on to the generation to come. The generation to come will look and try to find in us the role models that we find today in various areas of life. Who among us will stand up to take the challenge? Who among us will say that “I am willing to invest my life to continue the good work”? Who among us will carry on the legacy? A question that needs to be answered importantly and quickly.
We live at a time where comfort and selfishness rule our minds. Where we are all we think of. My interests are all that interest me. This is a dangerous time to be in. The fact that we are the world’s future in the next 25 years scares me. What values will our children’s children have? What will they be taught? What kind of a world will they live in? What values and beliefs will they have? How will the generation to come define the terms love, joy, hope, family, care etc. We see today laws losing their purpose, we see dilution of culture, and we see molding and loop holes being placed in constitutions to adapt to the latest trends and greed of people. We find definitions of words and values change. If your answer is that someone out there who has no other job to do will rise and take care of it while I just keep on living my life not caring about this, then believe me no one will rise. Everyone thinks that there is someone other than himself/herself to do the selfless and sacrificial duties that are the most essential. You! , dear reader, need to rise up, you need to take up the responsibility of living a life that the generation to come will look up to. It is your time and don’t miss it. It is up to you. 25 years from now where do you see yourself.
In the Church today we see a dilution of the preached word of God. Who will the Sunday school children look up to 25 years from now and say “I want to be like him”. Will there be any one to whom the youth then can look up and say “His/her life motivates me to live a life of testimony”? Will there be any one whom a preacher can quote as a Billy Graham or a Ravi Zacharias or a John Piper etc. Who will be a role model couple for the youngsters then. We see so many broken Christian marriages today. Who will be there to teach in the Seminaries and preach soundly in gatherings? Who will hold the Word of the LORD with authority and preach in all truth? Who will that generation turn to when they need to understand the Word? Who will show people the Love of Christ? Who will go out in to the world and preach the gospel to places it has not reached? Whom will they look up to as a missionary? Whom will they look up to as a person who lives out Christ in their daily personal and work lives?
This Sunday when you go to church look around you and then look at yourself and know this that it is you and those around you who have the responsibility to be that person. The church has to rise up. Every one of us has a responsibility. We need to rise up. We need to embrace the task ahead of us. 20 to 25 years from now it is us that they will look up to and we better be role model in every area be it Church, Government, Family, Business, Entertainment etc. Let the church today seek God for grace to bring up people who love the LORD, who are worshipers, to teach them sound doctrine, to teach them and guide them in the ways of Christ’s love and service.
You can be a part of this. Talk to your pastor or your spiritual authority and express your desire to be used by the LORD and bless the generation today and the one to come. I am sure he will guide you.
God is raising up people today to partner with him in impacting His kingdom in the days to come. Not just your money but he wants you. Will you be a part of it?

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