Praying to a sovereign God

In fatalistic fashion, I’m regularly asked by an anti-Calvinist, “if God is sovereign over all things including salvation, then why pray to Him?”. My response is always, “why pray to Him if He is not?”.

I might as well pray to my neighbor or my dog, after all they have just as such ability to do something about my situation as a god who is not sovereign.

What is prayer if not an acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty?

Do you have a physical ailment? A thorn in your flesh? With Paul ask God to remove it.

Is your heart polluted with lust, sin, and corruption? With David ask God to cleanse it.

Is your nation in defiant rebellion against God? With Moses, ask God to preserve it.

Is the position before God concerning your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors damning? With me, ask God to change it.

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