Should one repent to be saved?

The gospel call is to repent and believe. It is not a call to “accept Christ,” nor to “ask Christ into your heart,” nor to “let go and let God.” The gospel command is always to repent and believe. The key is you cannot do one without the other and you cannot do either without being quickened by the Spirit of God through the preaching of the Word of God.

So lets not water down the gospel and make it easy for people. That would be sin.

The church is a called out, chosen people of God. Not a place where we try to win people over to Jesus. No no no. Jesus wins his church by dying for her and living for her. We, the church, are to be faithful to the preaching of the gospel – calling people to repent and believe. The Holy Spirit quickens a dead soul to be able to repent and believe through the preaching of the Bible!

Our understanding of the gospel will determine the way we share the gospel.

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