Church goes beyond Sunday

When I was in in grade 2, I was taught that Hindu’s worship in a temple, Muslims worship in a mosque and Christians worship in a church. The board of education got the last one wrong.

Christians worship all the time. A Christian worships the one true living God all the time – in the way he eats, drinks, sleeps, talks, works, recreates, rests and lives life. Christians gather together at least once a week to worship God collectively. This gathering is the church. This means that Christians worship alone and as a church.

Most of us Christians are good at either our personal worship or we only join the gathering as a fulfillment of some self-imposed law. As a Christian we must work at excelling in our personal worship and devotion to God and we also must love gathering with other Christians to worship.

Some of us go beyond and attend a home group or community group that is connected to their church. And that is as far as it goes. However, being part of a church is about sharing life together with other Christians. You cannot do this by only meeting in formal setups like a church service or a home group. You have to meet otherwise as well. And when you do, you can share in each others joys and sufferings and pray for each other and praise God for his mercies each day.

We must strive in creating a culture that loves each other and enjoys the company of each other. We must meet in homes, in cafe’s, restaurants or park or just hangout.

When we know each other better and love each other our worship gatherings will have more begin to feel more like a celebration of joy than look like a funeral home. Then we will have the younger generations dragging their parents to the gatherings rather than the vice-versa.

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