Why Cross Cultured Church in Mysore?

One of the interesting turns in a conversation I have with people about our church happens when they ask me the name of our church. I reply Cross Cultured Church. Most people just assume the name must be Cross Cultural Church. Those who get the name ask me what it means. I take the time to explain that we are church which is made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures. We have one uniting factor – Jesus. Hence the only culture we hold dear is the culture that stems out because of the cross. That is why we are called Cross Cultured Church.

But really why Cross Cultured Church in Mysore? Mysore is a growing city attracting a lot of young urban professionals from all around India. Many churches that existed in Mysore till around 2005 were bilingual churches. The few churches that were catering to the English speakers of the area catered well to the residents of Mysore. However, there was a new people group in Mysore that was un-reached and probably misunderstood – the yuppies. This burden resulted in the planting of Cross Cultured Church. By the grace of God, many of the older churches in Mysore realized the need and have been used by God (some to much greater extent than us) in reaching out to the yuppies.

Cross Cultured Church desires to reach out to the people of living and working out of Mysore. We want to see Christ enjoyed and exalted in the lives of people in Mysore. This is our vision for the city. We long to see a transformation of the people in this city. We stand together with the other churches in Mysore to see this vision fulfilled.

If you are moving in to Mysore or visiting the city we would love to have you join us as we worship God.

Many times we have noticed that people who visit us find their experience worshiping God with us different from the experience they have with their home church. And they do not know what to do about it. We at Cross Cultured Church love the body of Christ. And if you are looking for another kind of church (denomination, worship style or location in the city) we will be willing to help you. So drop in let us serve you and make your experience a memorable one.

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