The heart of a loving father

Recently in one of the home group gatherings, we were reading and discussing the passage of the account of creation of the heavens and the earth from the book of Genesis 1:1-25. It was a blessing to be a part of that discussion that we slowly dealt with the passage, unpacking each and every event happened in the beginning. We discovered the following truths from this passage.

  • God created everything from nothing. The omnipotent God created everything just by his words.
  • God is perfect in planning and execution that he made everything step by step proceeding towards the climax.
  • The perfect setting for man was created by a perfect God perfectly taking care of each and every detail needed.
  • All these perfect setting was created so that man can be placed in the setting. It shows how special man was to God that God loved him so much and cared for him.

I have read this passage so many times but have never taken time to explore the richness of God’s love which is buried in this passage. I thank God for the richness of love he has shown on every human from the beginning.

One of the members of the home group put forward an excellent illustration which moved my heart. She said that “God expressed the heart of a loving father” in this passage. She said, “We would have seen how parents who are expecting their first child will prepare the environment for the child. They select the clothes, toys, cradle etc., considering each and every minute detail needed. We see that God had taken care of every minute detail of the setting before creating man. Thus we understand that God expressed the heart of a loving father. God is delighted in the creation of man”. This realization had moved people to say that “I am special to God”.

Thanking God for the study we are doing currently in the home group. I hope and pray that we will explore more of God’s love in our further studies.


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