Dealing with Complacency

In my last sermon I dealt with two sins that hinder the pursuit of knowing the strength from joy of the Lord – covetousness and complacency.

In my earlier post I had talked about dealing with covetousness, today I will talk about dealing with complacency. Complacency may be due the sin of feeling lazy or due to ignorance.

When complacency is caused by laziness, it is sinful. Here a person knows that he or she is called to serve in the kingdom of God yet does not do it is sinning in omission – not doing what one is called to do.

But most of the cases of complacency are due to ignorance of God’s word or due to misunderstanding of God’s word. One might think, I am not in any role – therefore I need not do anything. Or there is nothing left for me to do with the organizational affairs of Cross Cultured Church, so I should not bother with serving or caring for others.

If you are a woman in CCube, than you would probably think of the Complementarian position of manhood and womanhood and think I am never going to preach, I would not be asked to lead in worshiping through songs, therefore I have no role to play in the church! That is misunderstanding. If one thinks that learning God’s word if for public office than it is sinful. We learn God’s word to obey God. We learn God’s word to lovingly lead our families in the ways of God. A woman learns God’s word to apply it in her own life, in her family, to raise her children, to help other women, to help her husband in his gifting. There are so many avenues for women to serve without having to exercise authority over men. Complacency comes in when you do not understand this.

If you are a man in CCube, then you would say I am not an elder, preacher, home group leader and therefore I have no role to play. You forget about the church covenant. You forget to call up another fellow member and schedule a breakfast, lunch or dinner together to get to know each other and talk about God’s grace in your lives. You could call someone and ask them if there is anything you could pray for.

Complacency comes in when we think that there is a one-to-one hierarchy in the structure of CCube. This is the misunderstanding: Members relate to Home group leaders who in turn relate to Elders. Wrong! Elders oversee the affairs of the church and the lives of people. They are responsible for giving account of the people. Home group leaders are facilitators who help others in fleshing out the sermons and clarify if need be. The desire is to see interconnections between as many members in CCube across home groups and geographies.

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