Arpan speaks up on Eldership

As I write this article on eldership and me I am once again awed by God’s grace in my life. I am eternally indebted to Christ for having known me before the foundation of the world, living for me a perfect sinless life, suffering for me to the point of death, dying on the cruel cross in my stead, rising again from the dead for me to have hope and a goal, showering upon me his spirit, quickening my rebellious heart to respond to his effectual call, enabling me to repent and put my faith in him and him alone, cleansing me of my sin and giving me grace to respond in worship, living in me and causing me to work out my salvation day after day after day. It is indeed all about HIM. I am all about HIM. What God has done for me I can only stand and wonder. The greatest miracle.

What can I give to him in return but my very life? Having been touched by the LORD I can only think of living the rest of my life for the purpose I was called and saved which is Worship.

CCube has played a vital part in my journey and it is the first church in my life time that I have BELONGED to. It is here that I unlearnt and learnt a lot. God has blessed me with the grace to belong to the local church. The local church is God’s design for the believer. The members of the local church are the body and constitute the New Testament church. Over the last year these truths about the church and how it functions shaped my thinking and I came to understand its importance. The plurality of elders was seen in the early church and must be seen in CCube as well. By God’s grace we are moving towards that. It gives me great joy that we as a church are passionate about being obedient and zealous to follow Gods design. This Sunday is going to be monumental as we vote.

Why I desire to be an elder?

It is my desire that God willing I will serve the church as one of the elders. It is a privilege to serve the church as an elder. To care for the members, to nourish them, to stand for the truth of the gospel, to preserve doctrine is the desire of my heart. I see that God has been using me in the area of teaching and caring for his people. I see there is an increasing desire to serve. I see a gifting that is being used to serve the church in a greater capacity. I firmly believe that I am blessed with a suitable helper in Ruby who understands and supports me to embrace this calling.

As I contemplated the decision on eldership and studied the scriptures I was awed and scared of the enormous responsibility that it holds. It is being in charge of the flock of God. It is a mighty responsibility. I know not how I will be able to live up to the calling but I trust in the LORD for his grace. I have a long way to go to perfectly match the qualifications of an elder but I trust in God’s grace and will make every effort.

As this Sunday approaches it is my prayer for the church that as you pray that God would lead you to study the scriptures and decide whether I should be an elder or not. Pray for me as I pray for you that God’s will be done for the benefit of the church and the glory of his name.

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